Saturday, March 2, 2013

SF Histories & their complexities!

=what connections did you create between what you experienced there and our class?


Tuesday, 5 March – Cyborging Complexity 
Merrick 6 & 7 (goes with Conference)
• getting going on femcriticon!

Thursday, 7 March – Crossing over….
• Butler: essay, Furor; stories: Crossover&, Amnesty&, Martha&
• getting going on femcriticon!


What is it like to enter into someone's else's knowledge world/s?
=the Complexity Conference
=reading Merrick's book  
=how are encountering these alike? different? can you be an "anthropologist on Mars"?

Legitimate peripheral participation  
Creative participation  
Community of practice  

Merrick 183-4: why would the "most severe critics" of cyberpunk be feminist sf folks?
ftnote 5: why did Delany say it was exciting? why might black queer feminists listen to him?

Merrick 203: Susan Squier (who was at Complexity Conference) & pregnant man  
<FRIDAY, 10:00 am Vibrancy: Thinking, Feeling, Assembling, Acting: Epigenetic Landscapes in the Anthropocene: The Art of Assembling> 
204: of Donna Haraway's work "sign of more complex interpenetrations of human/animal/nature" 

Merrick 211: Mary Flanagan & women's cyberfiction  


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