Tuesday, 26 March – FemCritiCon
Thursday, 28 March – FemCritiCon

The theme is "Media Ecologies." Our class' expertise is in "Cultural Production." 
Explore what these mean as you consider what to do. 
=Johnson is your best resource for our approach to media ecologies, so be sure you are caught up with having read the whole book. Merrick is also all about media ecologies with a feminist SF focus. 
=When you think of cultural production, think of all the ways we have been approaching and thinking and talking about our readings, and transmedia storytelling. Look at the website carefully. It is your best resource for understanding cultural production. Notice the examples of working with stories "Terminal Avenue" and "Rachel" in the Media section of the website. How would you do this same kind of analysis yourself? 


Sharing at FemCritiCon! Thanks to you all for fun thinking! 

day two of FemCritiCon: the Roundtable! 

thinking ahead now to Whileaway! 4 May! 

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