Saturday, January 12, 2013

A first story to contemplate....

Welcome to our course website under construction! In the next week or so the syllabus will come to live here, and the first of our class presentations will too. Bookmark the site because we will be using it for every class this term. 

I just came across a story we can use to open up discussion on the first day. I have posted a screen shot to the site where you can read it. (Lots of graphics posted here will also be links as this one is. Be sure to check to see.) 

How does this story fit into your ideas of SF? Does it violate any of your assumptions about SF? If so, which ones? Is it a feminist story? How can you tell?  ???   

Looking forward to meeting you all! 


Thursday 24 January – Sharing as constitutive of SF worldings 

How many forms of “sharing” are possible, necessary, created in sf feminisms? Has anything you have read so far surprised you? If so, what and why? We will go through boxes of books and stuff, trading stories and more. Layers of Worlds, layers of writings, layers of companionships: entering sf as speculative fiction, speculative feminisms, feminist fabulations, as well as science fictions or knowledge fictions offers many openings to worlding! We begin our class with folk taxonomies, fen and filk creativities, transmedia storytellings, and transdisciplinary feminisms! Jump on! We are off! 


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